Welcome to About Me section.

My name is Ashton Labruce. I am a person who considers SEX as a means of expression: an ART such as music and sculpture. I enjoy exhibitionism and I don’t believe nudity should ever be subject to censorship. Human shape is so beautiful!

I consider myself a guy next door, but I’m very adventurous and open to experimenting new things. I was given the gift of autofellatio

 I find male and female bodies truly fascinating. I know society’s stance about men who think that way, but I'm from a younger generation and I don’t approve of contributing to such an antique stigma myself.

I like luxury, glamour, quality and class. I enjoy the porn fancy hotels offer, and longer porn movies or series with an actual story. They stimulate the senses in a way that very few people dare to ever explore.

I currently live in Canada but I love travelling; 5 minutes do I need to make luggage and go anywhere. I'm in love with Eastern Europe but North America is so comfortable.

Feel free to contact me and I will happily answer any question you may have. Thank you for visiting my website!

Sincerely, Ashton Labruce