Hi! My name is Ashton Labruce. I am a person who considers SEX as a means of expression: an ART such as music and sculpture. I enjoy exhibitionism and I don’t believe nudity should ever be subject to censorship. Human shape is so beautiful!

I consider myself a guy next door, but I’m very adventurous and open to experimenting new things. I was given the gift of autofellatio. Furthermore, I have trained to do some Hands-Free play, handstands etc.

I find male and female bodies truly fascinating. I know society’s stance about men who think that way, but I fight against such an antique stigma.

I like luxury, glamour, quality and class. I enjoy porn with an actual story. The best stimulation is inside our minds. 

Thank you for visiting my website!

My new novel is taking shape for this 2021!

Click HERE to learn more about my new project: I am writing a novel. I am making a contribution to the world: a novel about the matters that I am so passionate about. I’m reviving the XV century with a fictional character that will lead us through a realistic true: the male prostitution during medieval times.


I don’t approve of censorship. Our lives are so short as to believe that closing our eyes makes “bad things” around us disappear. Let alone the fact that many of the things that we called “bad” are even the perfect nature with which we were all created: our bodies. 

It is outrageous and sad at the same time to see how this has become a culture. The culture that creates, promotes, and endorses “morbid” feelings around things.

I can’t so I don’t stand for those beliefs. I have a small contribution to the world; something that makes me feel that my life is worth it. Such small contribution I offer to society is to open your eyes and find beauty in our true nature, both physically and mentally. There is goodness in every person. There is forgiveness. There is love all around us. Some people prefer to find ugliness and imperfection. Whilst they do exist, that isn’t all there is to say about what’s around us.

Travelling and love can set us free 🙂

Genes from ancestors

Some people read history without much care about the details written on it. There are persons who can read pages of a history book without being touched. Those who do it that way, forget that the word “history” is not a void concept of “what happened n years ago”. It is a meaningful way to express what our relatives of the past lived. And what our offspring will know about us. It is a deep feeling that we carry on in our genetic material. A magic gift that we were given. Those who don’t feel it, live and die empty. Many try to find comfort in god or an entity they can’t see. Such entity is the contribution of all our ancestors together, to become alive through us once again.

We all have it in our blood but most of us don’t have time to meditate and bring that energy back to our bodies. Crystals, god, prayers, amulets… Nothing can ever bring the magic that acknowledging our true nature can. We are the living entity of something being carried on for so long. We weren’t born 20, 30, or 80 years ago but million of years ago when our first gene chains began to exist.

One day, we will all acknowledge that we are a higher entity than ourselves. A more complex entity than a mere human body alone: a society, a race, that has the contribution of every single person who ever lived on this planet… and one day even further than this planet will it be.

Quick note on penis length

For some years, penis has been an instrument for showing masculinity. Contrary to old Greeks, where it was testicles the ultimate feature of masculinity, a good sized penis has become one of the most valuable features in a man. Such assumption has been debated but it mostly prevails in both men and women: a good-sized penis is a symbol of beauty, masculinity, and even power.

I am a man of duty. I endorse honesty and respect. That’s the reason for which I refuse to label my penis as a 9″ one. 7.5″ it is, and I am proud of it as it is. 7.5″ is more than enough to not fit everywhere. It is a good size and there is no need to write it as something that it isn’t. I could easily get away with it but I refuse to join that cause. Penis is not a symbol of masculinity, power, and beauty. It is simply a beautiful part of the body, as many others.

In porn, a 5″ penis will be called 7″ already. That probably means that people would think of mine as a 5″ one when they read I am 7.5″. So be it. I would like those people to grab a ruler right now and see what 5,6,7,8″ are. That fear of labeling penis length as it is comes from the assumption that the bigger the better. So men become nervous around it and write an extra 1 or 2″ of what they truly have. I don’t like this trend. It is silly. It is senseless. Let’s stop giving penis the magic powers it doesn’t have. By admitting our true size, we can slowly take that back, and be more realistic to what it is.


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