Hey! It is amazing to have a great control over one own’s body. Autofellatio is an interesting, fun, and useful trick that demonstrates how mastering body control is worth it. Another two examples of body control are Handstand/Handwalk and Hands-free play.

Being this activity very visual in men, it is nice to be able to show it and hopefully, make more people become interested in trying.

I have lots of examples under my photo gallery and under my video gallery. I invite you to check them out so you become motivated to give it a try!

ALB Handless cumshot while training abs

ALB Handless cumshot while training on parallel bars

ALB Handless cumshot while on rings and bar

ALB Handless cumshot after self-sucking

ALB Nude Shoulder Training w handstand n milking cum

ALB Self Suck and Handless Cum on Face

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