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Selfie time and more

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Handstand Dancing Photos

Summer 2021 Tan 😀

Welcoming Summer 2021!

Greetings from my favourite bedroom of the house!

This 2021 will be a hot year I am so sure

Lovin' this 2021 so far

Studio Photo Shoot

Some amateur photos

Artistic Photo Shoot
New photo-shoot

Autofellatio Photo Shoot

Playing with fleshlight

Some more amateur photos

Photos with my new photo studio. Thanks A.!

Some creative photos

Pics from this REAL ARTISTIC shoot. Thanks Mr.B.!

Xmas photo shoot!

Beautiful Photo shoot. Thanks C!

Some Photos from my scenes @Lucas Ent

Duo photos 😀

Duo photos 😀

Studio photos. Thanks @Bombelkie

After swimming pics 😀

Photos from last photo shoot with Mr G. Great camera job! and great time we spent at the shoot!

Had, as usual, a wonderful time at the photo shoot with Mr B.

Gorgeous pics from my bath. Merry Xmas 2019 😛

Some more pics 🙂

Summer 2020

By the river 😀

Christmas Is Coming!

Fun in the wild forest

ALB - Nude in the office

ALB - On autofellatio session

ALB - Autofellatio

Masqulin’s Cruising at the mall: Ashton Labruce + Edward Terrant

Throwback pic from Lucas Entertainment in 2018, which I found the other day. Handsome men: Jackson Radiz, Ruslan Angelo, Andrey Vic, Jeffrey Lloyd, and Ashton Labruce in it.

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